A Room with a View

A Room with a View

Much of our time during a house renovation is spent planning electrical sockets, flooring and mixer taps – but not much thought is given to the spaces in between, somewhere to sit and enjoy your home when it is finished and just for the beauty of it.

Experts in kitchen design, Guild Anderson do precisely that. The flow of a room is an integral part of the design. Simply put, a room should make sense and not just be filled with furniture. Designwork at this company means really thinking about how one room interlinks with the next and making the most of the layout no matter how compromised, be it in an older house or a new extension. Pictured, is one of Guild Anderson’s handmade windowseats, a perfect example of creating something for the pleasure of it. Perhaps this is what Guild Anderson do best, tranforming a kitchen into a room that is a joy to cook, play and live in.

Here, the windowseat is a sophisticated feature to the room, cleverly interconnecting the cooking and dining areas. It is joyously tactile, a touch of wood in a corner. With its curved edges, it becomes the focal point as you enter this kitchen, framing the window and the garden outside. A windowseat provides a view and is an unexpected highlight in a room we spend so much time in our modern lives, a place to pause with a cup of tea and see what is happening outside, to read a book, listen to the radio, do homework or park Granny with a sherry until Sunday lunch is on the table.

A windowseat will let the light pour in to a room, as you will never be tempted to fill that spot with a table or bookcase and just let it instead be a contented space. We don’t precisely know what Mindfulness is, but if it is anywhere it is definitely sitting peacefully on a handmade windowseat with a glass of chilled Chablis in your hand.

Creating clever storage space is one of Guild Anderson’s secret tricks: here this pretty window seat is also of course an elegant, space efficient cupboard. The company have made beautiful, practical storage benches for many clients over the years: to restrain the wellies in a bootroom, as a wine store, for instant present wrapping paraphernalia, to hide ugly pipework, or as extra seating around a kitchen table. A fitted seat is a very neat way to tidy up a room.

Based on the edge of the Blackmore Vale, these specialist furniture makers also design fitted and free-standing cabinetry for any room of a house including the laundryroom, bootroom, playroom, study or home cinema. It is hard to do justice to Guild Anderson’s cabinetry skill – yes, they make furniture, and yes, it is bespoke – but perhaps their greatest attribute is the ability to introduce a finesse to a room. Here, bespoke really means individual and is what this original, insightful British workshop gives to make a house a home.

Based between Shaftesbury and Salisbury, the company’s heartland counties are Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Bath.

Nick Anderson, Guild Anderson Furniture: T 01747 820 449 / www.guildanderson.co.uk





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