Bespoke Cabinetry

February. 2021

First cited in 1583, “bespoke” is derived from the verb “bespeak”, meaning to speak for something. That essence remains in the term’s contemporary usage, in that something that’s bespoke speaks of the person who commissioned it – their values, philosophy and aesthetics.

A client who commissions bespoke “custom built” furniture will look for a product not only that fits perfectly in to their unique space, but which also, quietly, is an expression of who they are.

It’s easy to confuse bespoken with the more common “made-to-measure”. Made-to-measure may have the same reference to fine tailoring but largely is based on pre-set patterns which are then scaled up or down to match your dimensions. In this way made-to-measure is always something of a compromise.

However with Guild Anderson’s true bespoke service you have the opportunity to decide exactly what function, shape, size, material and colour your furniture will be. The end product is unique to you; a singular expression of your home and your aesthetics, co-curated by you.

Nick Anderson, owner and GA Head of Design explains; “We are passionate about creating kitchens that are practical and easy to use and also look fabulous, and where Guild Anderson stands apart is in the breadth and diversity of our designs. We don’t offer design ‘ranges’ as we feel bespoke should mean personal and unique, based instead on our client’s individual style and the architecture of the house.”

“The key”, Nick says: “is to keep things in proportion and cabinetry lines looking consistent, there shouldn’t be any oddities. This is down to good instinct and judgement as much as good design. Moreover, a bespoke, handcrafted kitchen isn’t just a pleasure.  An older building may have all sorts of nooks and crannies that would be impossible to find a solution for, other than with specifically designed furniture that looks good and fits like a glove.”

Clients may feel daunted by the many choices they need to make for their scheme, but by having our own workshop with an exceptionally skilled team, enables us to design, create and install all elements.  In addition we advise on appliances, colour schemes, worktops, and hardware from handles through to taps.  The Guild Anderson workshop really can achieve just about anything. 

Nick Anderson remains personally involved in every project. “We accommodate how people really live in our designs – everyone has a mobile phone and house keys, so it is important to include a spot to leave them as much to keep work surfaces clear. It helps to think through which door do you enter the kitchen with the supermarket bags, where plates will be stored and how large they are.”

Ultimately we work with our clients to design truly bespoke cabinetry for the many rooms of a home; and more, we partner with them to create a home that expresses a unique soul and vision.

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