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Every furniture company now talks about the quality of their service; we hope that having explored our website you are building a picture of our genuine commitment to you and your project. We may be a small team, but we go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the design and service that sets Guild Anderson apart.
We treat our comissions with the utmost care and respect, just like the buildings they are destined for.

Initial contact

After your initial enquiry, we’ll have a chat on the phone to discuss your project and establish that we’re the right company for you.
The key factors are location, timescale, style, commitment and budget. Most of our kitchens are £40-75,000, including cabinetry, installation, hand painting, sinks, taps, appliances, hardware and VAT, with some kitchens costing less, and some more. We will
work with you to achieve your budget.

First meeting

The next step is to meet with Nick Anderson to discuss your requirements. This first meeting will generally last two to three hours and we will cover the features you would like to incorporate, then how we might put them together into a design.

Often this meeting is at the property, but if you are further away or the project is a new build, or major remodelling, we would encourage you to visit our design studio and workshop where you can see a working kitchen and projects in progress.

Recently we have been doing more design meetings over Zoom, and finding it very effective. If you’re open to trying, it’s a good way to have an initial discussion

Initial plan and elevations

Ideally, we start work from your architect’s drawings, but if none are available we’ll survey the space when we visit and make our own CAD drawings, then we sketch out options for your layout based on our discussions, then developing it into a detailed plan.

We produce all our designs, right from the start, with 3d views, helping you to understand our designs clearly.

Together with the quote and the detailed supporting letter that we write to explain our thoughts, we will put around 8 hours of work into this stage, and we plan to respond within two weeks of meeting, though sometimes it can take a little longer as our incoming workload is unpredictable.

We will send you the design via email and put paper copies into the post and we would really appreciate it if you would acknowledge receipt and your initial thoughts on what we have proposed.

Proceeding from the initial plan

We hope that at this stage you are keen to progress further, so the next step is another meeting to review the design and discuss in more detail the styling of the project, usually another two hours. We are unlikely to have got everything right, but also it could be the first time that you have seen a plan for your project and it will crystallise your thoughts and possibly lead you in a different direction on some aspects.

We have a preferred specification level that we use in our initial quote, but a kitchen is made up of many individual components and there is choice in each one, so we can change the price if we are not meeting your budget.

We hope that at the end of this meeting you will have had sufficient time with us to know that you are interested in progressing further and we will be looking for commitment from you in the form of a £1,000 design fee or a 10% deposit.


Our order book varies between 3 and 6 months and to reserve a delivery date we will need to issue a 10% deposit invoice. Achieving this date depends on you achieving survey and sign off on schedule, if not your installation date will move on to our next available slot.

Design development

With your commitment after the second meeting we will then update the drawings and quote and have further communication and meetings as we work towards a completed design.

Once engaged, we can also then provide drawings and services plans to your general contractor and specialists to assist with their areas of the project.

Design charges

In the kitchen industry it has historically not been the norm to charge for design. We put a lot of experience, care and time into our design work that of course is not free of cost and we hope that you value our effort. For nearly all projects our design work is completed within the time we have budgeted for but if your project is particularly complex and needs significantly more design, travel or meeting time we will need to discuss charging for our time.

Colour schemes – paint, flooring, worktops and hardware finishes

The choice of finishes in your kitchen is crucial and it is important to us that it looks as good as possible. Included in the cost of your kitchen is a two hour consultation with Hannah Anderson, at the design studio, to put together your scheme.


As Director of Guild Anderson, I take pride in being able to have committed involvement in all our projects. The initial meetings and design process will be overseen by me, but as we undertake around 45 projects per year I am sure you will understand that I unable to remain the first point of contact throughout the entire project.

My highly skilled design team, Kate & Lauren, will undertake most of the drawing and quoting and as the project nears production they will handle the day to day communication. Generally, the design being settled coincides with you paying a deposit, so although it seems that I disappear from view as soon as you pay some money I can assure you that it is not the cause of the effect and I am still very much involved and available to you whenever you like!

We make most of our communication via email as we expect that you are as busy as us and sometimes connecting for a phone call can be tricky, but also it has the great advantage of creating a record of what has been said and allows us to distribute that knowledge within the company.

Design sign off

We need to be able to survey a plastered room and sign off the design, specification and quote a minimum of 8 weeks before we are due to deliver. If we are not, because you would like further revisions or site dimensions are not available, it will delay your installation.

Please ensure that you read and understand everything we send you, we cannot always discuss everything in full detail, and every iteration of drawings, quotes and specifications supersedes all previous communication. If you are unsure, or have questions at this stage, please contact us. We will email you the latest set of documents for your sign off by return email. If changes arise after sign off we will do our utmost to accommodate them, but additional costs or delays may apply.

Making your bespoke project

Around eight weeks before installation the design team will hand over to the operations team comprising:

  • Sam Willis – Project Manager
  • Pete Shelton, Steve Joyce and Ian Marmont – Workshop management team
  • Polly Halpin and Nic Dunn – Office Coordinators

Under Sam’s leadership the team will coordinate all the practical aspects of making, delivering, installing, painting and finishing the project. At this point the design has been signed off, but we realise that sometimes design involvement is needed later in the project if an unexpected issue arises, so Kate, Lauren and I will be on hand to help.

Sam will be in close communication with your general contractor or project manager as at this stage the focus will be on maintaining timescales and coordinating all the elements of the project.


Once complete, we will deliver, install and, if appropriate, hand-paint your bespoke cabinetry. We use a trusted team of fitters and painters to do this. Often a new kitchen is part of a larger project and we are very well experienced in coordinating timings with architects, builders and other professional services.


We work very hard to minimise snags in our furniture, and generally install with very few or none. However, if they do happen, we have a dedicated furniture maker to address them as quickly as possible.

Visit our design studio in Tisbury

Visit our design studio in Tisbury

Our Design Studio in Tisbury, Wiltshire, demonstrates the design and quality of our furniture, plus you can try out a variety of applicances from Miele, Fisher & Paykel and Everhot, please do contact us to arrange a visit.

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