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March. 2021

Selecting the appropriate appliances for your new kitchen can be bewildering, and so is an important part of Guild Anderson’s design service; helping you to create a highly functional personalised room, based on your precise needs and style. 

Since investment in kitchen appliances can in some cases be equivalent to the cost of a new car, most clients appreciate informed and objective advice from a source other than the manufacturer.  At Guild Anderson we understand how bewildering this subject can be and how quickly technology moves, and we have many years of experience of working with clients, sorting through the multi-dimensional puzzle of manufacturer, function, features and new tech.

Over the past 10 years, Guild Anderson have seen customer choice split fairly evenly between Aga, Everhot and electric appliances. Although historically in the countryside brand loyalty to Aga has been strong, Everhot have led the way by offering an environmentally-friendly heat storage electric range cooker. 

As the way we live has changed; we are looking more and more for ways to cut running costs and have a more responsible impact on the environment.  As a result we now see both Aga and Everhot competing to offer electric appliances that are both beautiful to look at and efficient to run.


For nearly 100 years Aga has been an integral appliance in most farmhouse kitchens throughout Britain.  Adored by many, they are an icon of country living.  Made in Britain, Aga is immensely proud of its heritage.  However, with more modern ways of living and indeed cooking; Aga has now had to evolve.  Many of their cookers now feature induction hobs, which provide a more responsive and energy efficient way to cook.

Aga are now committed to creating more environmentally efficient models with a new generation running solely on electricity; however they still offer a choice of propane gas, natural gas and oil.

The brand new 13-amp Aga R3 Series has been designed with a host of innovative features including an iconic AGA hotplate and a state-of-the-art three-zone induction hob as well as a conventional fan oven, allowing for more flexibility.  The AGA R3 Series 110 Electric with Induction Hob from £9,095.

Offering 16 enamel colours there is bound to be a model and colour to suit every kitchen.


Everhot may not have been around as long as Aga, but with a history spanning 40 years; they were created at a time of innovation and new beginnings.  British made; born out of a desire to make an existing cast iron stove more efficient; Everhot developed a range cooker in the 1970s that could not only run solely from electricity, the first Everhot actually ran off a water turbine, and also a standard 13amp plug!  Everhot are quite literally a real British engineering success story.

In terms of running cost they can be less expensive to run than their competitors.  With an Everhot you can control each oven and hot plate independently with the added benefit of being able to switch your Everhot to ‘ECO’ to lower the power consumption either overnight when you go to bed, or when you go on holiday.

With a full width grill in the top oven and square hot plates allowing for more surface area to cook on; there are numerous features that make Everhot a far more efficient model than many of its rivals.  Because the hotplate has an electric element underneath; you could leave the lid up all day and the temperature will remain constant.  The square shapes of both the hotplate and induction hob comfortably allow for 3 pans on each.

Nick Anderson is a fan of the Everhot 120i; as it lends itself to a modern family lifestyle.  In addition to the classic cast iron hot and simmer plates, the 120i incorporates a fantastic three zone induction hob, perfect for hot summer days or to augment the overall cooking area.  Everhot 120i from £9,530 inc VAT.

Offering 18 colour options; Everhot will instantly take on the starring role in your kitchen.  Unlike Aga there is no servicing required.  As all models are electric there is no external flu required, allowing it to be placed anywhere in the room.  Everhot is a modern day design classic; truly suited to modern family life; allowing that old country farmhouse look for a 21st century contemporary home.

Aga and Everhot compete for pole position in the cast iron range cooking category.  One is built on environmental, sustainable modern family values; while the other is having to adapt and change their strategy to meet this contemporary way of life.

Meanwhile the electric oven has seen enormous changes over the years. Now with a world of freestanding, integrated, double or single ovens and microwaves, we have seen a popular revival of the 1950’s warming drawers that not only warm plates, but can dry tomatoes, prove bread and slow cook an entire meal.


Since the family run company was founded in 1899, Miele promises to be ‘forever better’ than its competitors and ‘forever better’ than they already are.  Miele has proved its worth, living up to its brilliant reputation for reliability.  Miele really is German efficiency at its best, they are outstandingly well researched and developed so that when an innovation is introduced, it invariably works perfectly.

Every single part in a Miele appliance is made at the Miele factory in Germany where they test them to last for 20 years.

Miele’s integrated ovens offer seamless innovation.  Touch-swipe screen displays for time and temperature, steam injection ovens and a wireless food probe which monitors the core temperature of foods and adjusts the ovens temperature automatically if required, switching the oven off when food is cooked; giving us a control over our cooking that we never even knew we needed.  Surprisingly Miele’s integrated ovens are wider and taller than both Aga and Everett ovens, allowing plenty of room for that Christmas turkey!

Miele’s refrigeration choices are extensive and are one of the only brands to offer high-end design and technology on a large scale.  It’s impressive 900mm wide integrated option is their K2902Vi in the MasterCool range.  Due to its range of cooling compartments, food stays fresh up to three times longer.  The refrigerator and freezer have separate cooling circuits; ensuring an optimal climate in both.  This unique appliance has a Push2open function allowing it to integrate perfectly in a handleless kitchen; the door opens when you press the front.

Customer support is also an important consideration.  Miele’s customer service has been consistently high.  They have introduced ‘Individual Product Consultation’, a service tailored to suit your personal needs, offering you comprehensive advice on the functions and optimum use of your Miele appliances in the comfort of your own home.  Programming your appliances to suit your personal needs, explaining how the special features work and giving you advice on maintenance and operation.  This level of care clearly pays off: Miele customers get used to the level of quality and service and will return, despite the premium prices.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel, a New Zealand brand, has been around for over 80 years, believing technology should always begin with the people who use it.  Their brand vision is to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world.

They offer a less expensive and a more limited range compared to Miele, but have nevertheless developed some unique products such as DishDrawers, and were the first to introduce an innovative wide fridge freezer with split refrigerator doors for easy access.  Their ActiveSmart technology learns when you open the fridge doors most frequently; cooling down the appliance during those busy times; ensuring great efficiency.  Similarly, their CoolDrawer is a thoughtful innovation: an impressively wide temperature ranging fridge-or-freezer in a drawer.

Their range of cooking appliances offer integrated, multi fuel ranges and microwave ovens.  As well as warming drawers and coffee machines.


For extractor fans Nick recommends Novy; a Dutch company now celebrating its 100th anniversary.  They only offer extractor fans and hobs, are comparable in quality to Miele but have an almost ‘silent’ motor.  They offer ceiling, integrated and under-mount, wall, island and worktop options.  They are proud to be a specialist in kitchen ventilation and all models have very low noise levels as standard. ‘A Novy cooker hood is designed to be quieter than the sound of your cooking’.  Their styling is understated and discreet and also offer a recirculating range hood. Novy focuses on 3 core values: power, silence and connectivity.

No matter which of these appliances or brands you chose; one things rings true of all of them; they are world leaders in their field.  They offer an innovative approach to all their products; utilising their design-led heritage, carving a future for a more contemporary way of cooking.  Their products are built to out-last many of their less expensive competitors; and by investing in their appliances your Guild Anderson kitchen design will be one to stand the test of time. 

Whether your final decision is a stainless steel uber-cool modern oven, or a classic range cooker, the selection and specification of your kitchen appliances is both an important and fascinating exercise, and one which we are happy to support and guide our clients through. We sit up late at night doing the homework so you don’t have to!

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