Kitchen Design Warminster

Kitchen Design Warminster

How we do things differently

Our kitchen design customers in Warminster often ask ‘How is a Guild Anderson kitchen different from, other quality kitchen suppliers you see in the high street?’. Good Question! You have looked at the website and some pretty pictures of kitchens and just can’t spot the difference. Perhaps you have even been into their showroom. I completely understand how tricky it must be for you the customer, as there is a huge amount of choice in the kitchen market. So I have spent some time putting together a document (see below) which I hope will assist you in your knowledge and understanding of what makes a good kitchen a great kitchen.

Kitchen Design flexibility

We are very flexible in terms of our kitchen design layouts and cabinetry styles, and we love to work with clients who are daring enough to develop a new style with us that is particular to their home. Now that we’ve built up a large portfolio of work we do find that most clients love something that we’ve already made and we use that style as a basis for theirs. Because of this we have developed a number of Guild Anderson styles to suit different homes in Warminster, from the clean and simple Modern Shaker to the very dramatic and unusual Stoke.

The details of kitchen design

Now for the facts – these details are important and they make all the difference. These details are also small, and each one may seem insignificant, but add them all together and they make a Guild Anderson kitchen look just right. We’re not just out to make our kitchens as quickly as possible and move on to the next one, we want your kitchen in Warminster to be as good as it can be, whatever length of time that may take.

  • If a picture is displayed in a mounting board where the width is the same top and bottom then it will look like it’s upside down whichever way you hang it, so the bottom part of the mount is made wider to give it more visual weight. Similarly, cabinet doors look upside down unless the bottom rail is wider than the top and the stiles (vertical side pieces). Unless of course, the door is fitted above another door, when the bottom rail should be the same width as the upper rail of the door immediately below it. We do this; it contributes to the essential rightness of proportion in a Guild Anderson kitchen. Very few other makers do, because it requires thought and costs money.

  • Many kitchens in Warminster are produced with less care, the stiles (the vertical side pieces of cabinet frames) are all the same width, usually around 40mm. I think that this makes the last stile on a run look too thin, and the joints between cabinets where you have two stiles next to each other, look too wide. We vary the width of our stiles so that they look right and a run of cabinets looks like a harmonious piece of furniture rather than a collection of units. Very few other makers do this.

  • On our Modern Shaker style, we take frame stiles to the floor at the end of runs to bracket the end of the run and bring it to a full stop. To do this we make the stile over length, and then on fitting it is cut to the right length to accommodate unevenness in the floor. This takes time and effort, and that’s why very few other makers do it.

  • If we are using chrome hinges on your kitchen, we’ll use stainless steel screws so that they match, if we’re using antique brass hinges the screws will be antique brass too. We throw away the horrid screws that come as standard with handles and replace them with stainless countersunk machine screws and a neat screw cup. Traditionally drawer heights are graduated according to the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci sequence to give a pleasing progression, a technique that goes back to the ancient Romans. Even if we make your kitchen to a non-standard height (which we do at no extra cost ) we recalculate the graduation so that it looks perfect. Most other makers have an arbitrary height top drawer and two equal sized drawers below it. Because it’s easier.

If you would like to learn more about our kitchen design services in Warminster, please get in touch or visit our services page.

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