What we do

Guild Anderson work hard to provide a full service for their clients to ensure every detail is covered, from cabinetry design to choosing hardware and appliances. We take pride in our high service standards and attention to detail at each stage of the project.

Our bespoke services

What makes us different

Guild Anderson's customer service, communication, flexibility and attention to detail are exemplary within an industry not usually known for its ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

The Guild Anderson workshop also delivers something that an 'off the shelf' cabinetry solution can never achieve: original style and individuality. What makes us different is that we believe client satisfaction - and thereby project success - is as much down to good design vision as good communication.


Our points of difference

360° Service

A Full Service: what does this mean in practice?
Perhaps we don’t shout loudly enough about the full service Guild Anderson offer. Clients are often surprised by how much behind the scenes support we give. Guild Anderson’s collaborative style of design development is unusual – moving house and undertaking building works is often an enormously stressful time – and we try to be as flexible as possible when things are going awry.

Selecting the right finish:
In addition to designing, making and fitting your new furniture, naturally we will help you in selecting worktops, flooring, paint colours and soft furnishings as part of our service – everything to make sure the new room is complete and ready for its new life.

Choosing appliances:
Guild Anderson aims to keep up to date on appliance developments across all major appliance brands, such as Miele, Aga, Everhot and Fisher & Paykel. Feedback from clients on product performance and reliability puts us in a good position to advise on the best model for your family’s needs.


Nice things previous clients have kindly said about us:

“Guild Anderson put themselves forward as being kitchen makers, as this is what most people ask them to do. But they do so much more that – wine racks, drinks cabinets, window seats etc. When you see what else they could do it is inspiring! Guild Anderson’s expertise extends well beyond the kitchen.”

“Nick encouraged me to be braver with our designs. His guidance made all the difference to ending up with the kitchen and laundry room we really wanted. Another thing we liked was Nick’s help with the worktops. When there was a hitch with the granite supplier, Nick made a plywood temporary one which was great for Christmas and was worth the wait.” 

“My wife and I wanted to do our kitchen properly and not cut corners….when you take that approach its easy to get into silly money territory with many of the “glossy magazine” brands. Guild Anderson produce a great product at a price that didn’t leave us losing sleep!  All the members of the team we met we’re really skilled and a pleasure to have in our house. The end result has got whole family wanting to cook!” Mr & Mrs R.

“Dear Nick,

(One year on), B and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team who have been very good at popping out here to address a number of issues. I think that many other kitchen companies would not have done so after 12 let alone after nearly 18 months. Your people are polite and helpful and always do a good job. I would definitely recommend you to others. Interestingly a friend had a new kitchen from another well-known company at the same time as us and it looks very tired indeed. We are loving our kitchen, with best wishes”. Mr W.

“Dear Nick,

Please forgive me, I am so excited, it’s fabulous, I have taken so many photo’s I must be driving  Craig and Tom,the fitters, mad. Luckily today I was in a meeting from 11am to 4.30pm !! So they only saw a flash go by every now and again.  I am going to call you tomorrow, I am so happy !!  It’s going to be your best kitchen to date.  It’s so impressive, everybody that walks through stops and say’s something wonderful about it.  My husband is away all week, I have not sent him any photo’s as I want it to be a surprise!!” AH

“I just love my fabulous kitchen. People come and look at it. Two friends have bought from Guild Anderson as result of our recommendation. Our new room is greatly admired. The design is excellent.” 

“It is a year ago now that our kitchen and utility room were fitted in our new house. It has given me pleasure from day one as everything works as it should – and it looks great.  There is a good deal of kitchen envy amongst my friends! The attention to design and functional detail has been excellent.  Time was spent from the outset talking about and planning the layout taking into account my desire for sufficient space for my daughter and me to cook together as well as wanting a kitchen to look like a living space, not a working space.  Last weekend, 4 of us were cooking for fun and there was plenty of room for all. All the equipment is well chosen and functional, right down to the shelves that swing out in the corner cupboards.  There is no dead space and masses of storage, considering we have no wall cupboards. There have been two game changers in this new house.  One has been the Sonos system, the other, without doubt, is the hot tap! Nick and Sam provided a wonderful personal service and follow up and we have already recommended them to friends, who were so impressed by the style and finish of our kitchen.  Their new kitchen is now complete.” Mrs W.

“We have previously used a well-known national firm with a good reputation, but they were three times as expensive and really not worth it. They had a London showroom, their style was ubiquitous, they advertise a lot and the project management was impersonal. However, Guild Anderson’s service is poles apart and I just love the things they do. The quality is excellent, we were very pleased with the whole project process.” Mrs N.

“Nick is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about all elements of design, innovation and function. We knew from the first meeting that he would make us a stunning and practical kitchen-diner. During our house renovation many plans were altered and we had concerns about the cost of a bespoke kitchen. However, we are so pleased we decided to use Guild Anderson because they have been a major part of making our house a home.”

“Guild Anderson are the only company that we have dealt with where every phase of meetings, design, replying to questions, answering the phone and emails and final checks were dealt with promptly, professionally and with great thought and care. It has been a real pleasure being involved with a Guild Anderson on a project and easily the most enjoyable part of our house renovation.

“We really enjoyed working with Alex, Nick and Sam on this project. Polly and everyone in the office was just great. The kitchen is the biggest investment of a build and our family spend so much time in it, my wife and I just wanted to get it right. Especially in a ‘living kitchen’, with the log burner and sofa, it is a key room. Our new kitchen has been well worth it and it will be here long after we are. The bespoke design is brilliant – we love the different elements, the island, the larder cupboard, and especially the chalkeboard and cookbook shelves. This is how to turn a compromised space into a feature. Guild Anderson is so creative and very good at taking the initiative, thinking outside of the box and coming up with some great suggestions that would work for us and our family.” Mr T.

“All aspects of how we use a kitchen were taken into consideration from what we like on counter tops, storage for ease of use and even a special place for unusual little jars we use for spices. As expected, the design, materials, workmanship and paint work is excellent. Our kitchen is such a pleasure to cook in, stand in and just look at!”

“Wishing we hadn’t, but we left the kitchen design until the last part of a very large project. However, I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted, so it was a combined effort to come up with the final design and Nick was very good at drawing out the detail of how I saw myself using the kitchen, which was really helpful.”

“What I like most about Guild Anderson is their flexibility. Nick is just great, he is very good at converting things into a reality. We used a well-known national brand in the past, but they just refused to do some things we wanted and insisted on doing other things, stating their style ‘rules’. It just didn’t make sense.”

“We did have a good look at other fine furniture makers, but the larger brands are ridiculously expensive. I think you get what you pay for and with Guild Anderson, you will get a premium product. Good quality comes at a price. It was instinct that Guild Anderson was the right company – I met and liked Nick and we went from there.”

“Nick was very responsive and attentive and created a good, original and robust design. He listened to us and just got on with delivering what we had asked for. We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen – we absolutely love it.”

“Nick Anderson has a very good attention to detail and thought creatively thoughout our project, from which door I brought shopping in from the car, to where and how I would use mixing bowls. His approach was brilliant – a very practical & effective level of questions.”

“I love the work Guild Anderson did for us and have recommended them to several people. Lots of friends comment on our kitchen, they think the new space Guild Anderson created for us is wonderful.“

“I love the steam oven and am getting to grips with the strange Germanic request for instructions!  Bruce Poole, a Michelin starred chef who lives in our village, admired my induction hob saying they use them in their kitchens as they do not give out a lot of heat and are as responsive as gas.” Mrs W

“Let me say how great I thought you all were. You were unbelievably understanding about the last minute redesign – which is wonderful by the way – and dealing with the hinges on the bi-fold doors. The fitters and the painter were incredibly professional and a complete joy to have around. The handles were last minute but they got here and we were able to move in as planned.  A huge thank you to everyone involved.” Mrs P.

We have been delighted with the service we have received from Guild Anderson. The kitchen is just what we wanted and is absolutely perfect; it looks completely at home! We chose Guild Anderson as you were the only company that seemed prepared to listen and to take on board our ideas, rather than to try and fit us into a mould. You gave us plenty of time during the discussion stage and then held our hand throughout the actual installation. We were particularly impressed with how quickly and efficiently any minor problems were resolved.” Mrs M.

“We just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new kitchen.  The design really does make the best of what is a difficult layout with so many glazed garden doors.  Thank you Sam for all your help.  The cabinets, drawers and trays from your workshops were beautifully made.” Mr & Mrs T.

““I am sure you want to hear how we are getting on with the kitchen.  It is brilliant.  It is a real party kitchen with lots of circulation space whilst giving us lots of space to cook and serve.  It looks very good and has had very positive reactions from our friends, who are very jealous.  I can’t tell you how many times they have said that they wanted a hot tap, or a F&P fridge freezer, but didn’t want to spend the money.  I am so glad that we did.” Mrs W.

“We wish to say how pleased we are with our new kitchen, it really does look stunning, in particular the build quality is exceptional.  We are so grateful to you and your team for making the design process so easy and planning the kitchen with such attention to detail.  We have been impressed by the whole team, especially Sam, but including the fitters and painter. We now have a beautiful kitchen but more importantly one which is practical and well laid out and one we can enjoy for many years to come. We are very happy clients.” Mr & Mrs H.

“We chose Guild Anderson because we felt convinced that they would build a bespoke kitchen that would exactly fit our tastes and our needs.  From the moment we met Nick Anderson we were impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail.  The kitchen he designed was tweaked and modified until every tiny detail was perfect.  The space was measured and re-measured to make sure that every inch was used beautifully.We knew that the design was fantastic, as, when it arrived, it fitted wonderfully and was everything we had expected.  The fitters worked meticulously and efficiently to create the smooth Guild Anderson look.  Everyone who came to the house was friendly, professional and had the same creative ethos of Nick Anderson.  The pride they all took in their work was comfortingly impressive. Finally the painter came to paint the kitchen, and nothing was too much trouble for him.  The finish he has left on the wooden furniture is absolutely superb. We moved back into our new kitchen and it was easy to know where to put everything! – Surely a sign of a brilliantly designed room. Thank you all for your hard work.  I feel absolutely convinced that our beautiful new kitchen is going to last and last – it will probably out live me.  Mrs W.

“Nick and the Guild Anderson team have designed, built and fitted the most beautiful kitchen for our new conservatory; we absolutely love it as does everyone who has come to visit.  It is brimming with furniture and material of exceptional quality and is a joy to work in, eat in, socialise in and just be in.  Whether sitting up at the magnificent island or cuddled up against the expertly framed Aga, I have no doubt it will all be loved for, and last for, a very long time.  Many, many thanks.”   Mrs W.

“Many thanks for transforming a 30 year old kitchen into a modern beautiful kitchen without losing its 15th century charm.  I could not be more delighted.”  Mrs W.

“I think our kitchen is wonderful and will certainly be recommending Guild Anderson to others whenever I get the opportunity, both for the quality of the service and the final product.” Mrs B.

“Our best present this Christmas, was enjoying our gorgeous new ‘Office’ in our end room! WE LOVE IT! Your team were friendly and so unobtrusive, we hardly noticed they were here and then ‘Hey Presto’! Thank you!” Mr & Mrs F.

I did a search for ‘bespoke kitchens near me’ and just really like the Guild Anderson website, it had a very warm atmosphere! I was drawn to looking at it, it wasn’t aggressive and I really liked the tone of the company. I liked the wording and seeing the galleries of photos. It gave a sense of what Guild Anderson were about and I liked and trusted in the fact they were local and friendly. I particularly liked seeing people in the photos.

My new kitchen really works well, Guild Anderson make excellent designs. The style suits the room. There are no obstacles and the room flows. The final result hadn’t changed much from the original design: a good classic kitchen design doesn’t change much over the years. I chose a Shaker-style and especially like the LED lighting which is a new development since I designed my first kitchen a few years ago. The improvements in lighting are a great addition. The kitchen has all settled down very nicely. Guild Anderson helped me to visualise walking around the space and query where I’d put the bin and cooking utensils etc, and made sure the cutlery drawer and china were close to the dishwasher. Guild Anderson aren’t the cheapest but they listened – and it really made all the difference. There is truthfully no part of the kitchen I wished I had done differently. ” Mrs E.

“We just wanted to thank you again for the cabinets.  They are exquisite and exactly as we hoped.  The whole process has been super smooth and it has been a real pleasure working with you all.” Mr & Mrs W.

Reference from a client with a 10 year old Guild Anderson kitchen:

‘Dear Nick, very good to hear that all going well. Our kitchen is still looking good ten years on, thank you – we had the paintwork touched up last year but otherwise no maintenance required and we are still very pleased with it. We would still recommend Guild Anderson to anyone wanting a kitchen, and hope that business continues well for you – your latest private, high profile client must be a good reference! All the best, Philip​’



It is always hard to give guidance on pricing before a first meeting as every project we undertake is different.  In addition, the scope of commissions is hugely diverse – using different materials and appliances – and encompassing one room or an entire house renovation. Clients tell us that our furniture represents very good value for money considering the service provided and quality of the design and product. Our portfolio hopefully illustrates the flexibility and quality of our craftsmanship.

In polite society it can be a little embarrassing to talk about money, but of course it would help to know how much your project may cost.  The best way to do this is to contact our design team to look at your project in more detail so we have something to build on together.

Our initial quote will be based on a carefully thought through plan and is itemised where appropriate.  It will usually include cabinetry, sinks, taps, appliances, hardware, worktops, installation, painting and VAT.

As we’ve outlined there is no such thing as an average project at Guild Anderson but in general projects undertaken range from £8,000 to £150,000 and most of our kitchens are between £30,000 and £70,000.

Step by Step

Meeting and talking things through brings plans to life and will help to give structure to your project – Guild Anderson is an approachable, friendly team and we love to see ideas turned to reality. These step-by-step principles apply to any of our cabinetry projects.

There are key seven steps involved in designing and making your Guild Anderson kitchen:

Our first conversation

The very first step is to have a telephone chat with Nick Anderson about your project and any specific features that you are looking for. Do think about what your budget is: our kitchens include worksurfaces, design, build and installation and a typical project may include a pantry, laundryroom or bootroom too. Obviously how adventurous we can be with the design depends on the size of your budget.

The first visit:

We can meet at the workshop or your home as a starting point to talk in more detail at what you are looking for. Things that help us are to understand the project better could be if you have any particular likes or dislikes, things that are important to you, if you have children etc. We like to take particular care in designing a kitchen, how the new room is going to work for you and how it links with the rest of the house or garden. Do let us know any ideas you have for your new room and keep hold of magazine clippings as they make useful references. Once we have built up a brief together Nick will draw up an initial plan and quotation for the project.

Full design

The first design will prompt further discussion as the project begins to take shape and become more of a reality. This next stage should be both fun and very creative and a chance to envisage the design concept in your home.

At this point, we do charge a non-returnable £750 design fee as we are getting into the detail, adding your project to our planning schedules and beginning to spend focused time on your plans. This will of course be put towards the fees when you go ahead with your project.

Updated plans, elevations, quotation and deposit

At each design consultation, we will update the plans and the quote as well as draw up full elevation plans of your kitchen. After you receive this second set of plans we will happily make one more update, but after that we would like you to confirm your commitment for us to plan your project in to our construction schedule.

Our payment schedule is as follows:

  • 10% on commissioning your furniture to reserve your project in our construction schedule.
  • 35% deposit paid before we start constructing your furniture, usually about 8 weeks before installation.
  • 50% paid before delivery (please note, we reserve the right not to deliver your furniture if this payment has not cleared into our bank account before the delivery date).
  • The final 5% is due on completion of the project.

We are typically commissioned for a project from 3 months in advance, to 18 months for larger renovation works.

Making your kitchen

Once we have received your deposit we will start to make your new kitchen. We will also set a target date for the installation. In addition, you can call us at any time to check on the progress of your project or arrange a visit to see it as it is being made in the workshop.


Once complete, we will deliver, install and, if appropriate, hand-paint your bespoke cabinetry. We use a trusted team of fitters and painters to do this. Often a new kitchen is part of a larger project and we are very well experienced in coordinating timings with architects, builders and other professional services.


We work very hard to minimise ‘snags’ or loose ends in our furniture, and generally install with very few or none. However if they do happen, we have a dedicated furniture maker to address them as quickly as possible.

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