Pretty Hand Painted Utility Room


This pretty hand painted utility room is one of the most hard working back of house rooms within this large Georgian village house.  Leading from the boot room, this versatile laundry room offers the usual practical space for washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as storage for smaller household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and ironing boards in tall thoughtfully designed cupboards.

The layout of any laundry room is key. It should be conveniently located within the home with dedicated space for large and small appliances, folding areas, and storage.

Ample storage flank this sash window with Butler's sink


Practical storage in a light filled room

A combination of counter top, eye level and under counter cabinets and drawers create ample storage, keeping the space tidy.

In this design internal lighting has been used in the cabinet housing vases,  while under counter cabinets are used to store cleaning products.

Additional banks of drawers offer space for table linens, place mats, candles and coasters.

Ample natural light from the Georgian sash window significantly improves the ambiance of the space, providing good ventilation to prevent humidity and odours.

Bespoke laundry room with a spacious countertop for folding and sorting clothes


Hard Working Areas

Having a spacious countertop for folding and sorting clothes is immensely practical. It offers a space for organising laundry and minimises clutter.

A double Butler’s sink is useful for both hand washing and arranging flowers.

The Sheila-Maid clothes airer solves the damp washing quandary and is an essential item in any utility space.

By creating these dedicated zones within the design we have maximised the functionality of the space making it an easier room to use.

Creating the perfect laundry room involves a careful balance of functionality, technology, and personal preferences.  By integrating these elements thoughtfully, one can transform a mundane space in to an efficient, organised, and inviting area within the home.

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