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June. 2021

Well thought through pantry storage solutions can make a huge difference to the organisation of a domestic space.  A century ago “kitchen appliances” would have meant a kettle and a biscuit barrel.  Today we can have an entire electrical department in our pantries and kitchens – gadgets for every conceivable operation from making the perfect cappuccino to extract the maximum juice from a mango.

Where we once would have had a bread knife and a carving knife we now have glittering ranges of precision Japanese or German steel, each professional piece with a specific function from boning a turbot to flawlessly peeling a kumquat.

We are masters of our kitchen universe… except all these gadgets and tools, Kitchen Aids and containers have to go somewhere; and the tendency to be untidy is an all too familiar phenomenon.  The truth is that an efficient kitchen – one that inspires calm and clear thinking rather than stress and confusion – is one that’s planned.  A functional space where your specific needs have been thought out in advance; a solution to your pantry storage solution needs.

At Guild Anderson we specialise in making domestic spaces in period houses work for modern households.  Bespoke design can add up to 40% more pantry storage space, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all, instead our cabinetry can be designed to fit the smallest of alcoves utilising every conceivable space, making it uniquely liveable, enhancing your life.

In a hard working kitchen incorporating many different storage solutions within the design is essential.  Pan drawers, spice racks, open shelving, larder cupboards, wine racks, cutlery drawers, knife racks, all help to make the room run efficiently, and by giving each area a designated function creates a tranquil space.

Guild Anderson’s founder, Nick Anderson, offers that the best pantry storage solutions are of course a cupboard with shelves or a set of drawers.  However any awkward places require a more individual approach.  He recommends that clients really assess what they use in their kitchen day-to-day, rather than what they have.  Do you need Granny’s inherited china and silver tea service to be housed amongst your every day kitchen-ware?  Can it be located elsewhere in the room, or indeed the dining room?

Once appliances have been considered Nick then suggests working out where to keep your essential items by ‘zoning’ the  pantry storage solutions being considered.  For example in the washing area; a dishwasher, bin, crockery cupboard and cutlery drawer close by will avoid one having to travel too far.  Allowing for the pantry to be near the fridge means that food storage is more straight forward after a larger supermarket shop.

A Larder cupboard or room both work well; depending on how much space one can allocate.  Both require a stone shelf at counter height; traditionally built in a cooler north facing corner of the house.  In a modern larder cupboard this stone surface can incorporate plug sockets and be used to house small appliances, with internal lighting.  Provisions racks on the doors create storage for smaller jars and bottles.  Below the work surface can be additional shelving, scoop fronted drawers or indeed baskets for storing fruit and vegetables.

Nick recommends that in a kitchen drawers are best below the work surface; be it pan or cutlery.  However above the surface one can be a little more creative.  Guild Anderson design the most fabulous “Bowman” cabinets; a tall elegant wall cabinet that sits directly on the work surface itself.  These stunning cupboards are used to house those every day small appliances such as microwaves, coffee machines and KitchenAids; but allows you to close the door on them when not in use.  They are designed with a hinged door, sometimes bi-fold, with a track that runs at the top to allow the doors to glide open and shut with ease.

In some instances where there may be a corridor-like setting; a cabinet with pocket doors offers the perfect solution allowing the cupboard to be used throughout the day, while the doors slide seamlessly in to a pocket at the side of the cabinet, removing the look of simply a cupboard door left ajar.  For such attention to detail Nick insists that the mechanism needs to be robust to stand up to everyday wear; some lesser mechanisms have been known to shake. If there is a tall narrow space within the design Nick suggests that a pull out mechanism is used as a good pantry storage solution.  This maximises the deep slim space perfectly.

However, not everything needs to be hidden away; open shelving and glazed cabinets make a huge difference to the look and feel of your space.  A simple floating shelf can work particularly well in a kitchen where there are many closed cupboards taking up wall space, they lighten the room by diluting the run of cabinets.

To create a sense of serenity and calm, bedrooms ideally need to be kept clear.  Fitted wardrobes offer one of the most efficient ways to create storage space in a bedroom or dressing room.  To maximise the space even further one should consider adding double height rails to your wardrobe, and internal drawers removing the need for any freestanding furniture.

n family rooms media storage is becoming increasingly popular.  Incorporating cupboards, shelves and drawers that house a smart television, games console, internet hub, board games and books all in one uniquely designed space.

Bookcases allow you to create your very own library, no matter how small the space.  This cabinetry works well in both contemporary and more classic homes and by including both closed cupboards and open shelving you can have a display of books and personal effects while hiding away heavier items in the cupboards below.

Pantry storage solutions of all types can make a kitchen work more efficiently and calmly.  Bespoke cabinetry offers a unique solution; allowing you to play with scale, design and fit; ensuring you get the very most out of your space.  Shelving allows the display of significant belongings, and closed cupboards hide the essentials of daily life.

As we know, order and calm in our home can be a precious commodity that benefits all!

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