a bespoke dressing room design in wiltshire

Bespoke Dressing Room Design


This painted bespoke dressing room design was made by Guild Anderson for a fine listed Georgian farmhouse, nestled within the rolling chalk downlands of Wiltshire.

Being a bespoke dressing room, the design team felt that some bespoke detailing on the door panels would soften the room and add interest and texture to the space. The idea for the ribbed convex panels came from a bar we had designed previously for another client. The ribbed panels also help deaden the rooms’ accoustics by disrupting sound.  They give the space a distinctive look which is completely bespoke to the client.

Some paintd wardrobes with a vanity table in between them

Ribbed panels were designed to bring texture into the room

A large copper bath in a bespoke dressing room

A large copper bath sits at the centre of the dressing room


To enhance the bespoke nature of the wardrobe design, we worked with the builder to run the fibrous plaster cornice around the face of the work.

A dressing room design with an island in the middle

The dressing room island was kept low so as not to crowd the space

A view through a Georgian sash window to fields outside

The view from the end of the copper bath


Glass fronted drawers are set within the European oak table and give the room a haberdashery bespoke outfitters flavour, and are perfect for scarves, finer fabrics and underwear to be stored in.  Leather button bow handles from Turnstyle Designs finish the look of the piece.

The large table also has an additional purpose, acting as a suitcase packing surface on which clothes can be neatly folded and packed.

A drawer in a dressing room with women's shoes in

Shoe storage is just one of the many things to consider in dresisng room design

A glass fronted drawer in a bespoke dressing room

All the drawers in the dressing room island have glazed fronts

Bathroom & Shower

The step up to the copper bath added a bit of a design challenge, but importantly allows the client to take in the view from the stunning Drummonds copper bath tub.

Towel storage next to a bespoke shower
Towel storage is close at hand


Some interior architectural design had to come into play during the design of the bespoke shower in the house, and by manipulating a bulkhead, we were able to run the fibrous plaster cornice, which ran around the room, across the outside face of the shower as opposed to into the shower cavitity which would have been awkward.  This also matches the detail in the main dressing room.

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